Enterprise Agility Framework

SNAPe is a scaled agile framework, able to deliver your business proposition. It's designed to be simple to learn, and easy to implement even in complex organizations.

Game Player

Why we promote Agile Games ?

We believe Agile can be fun when people play a game together. SNAP suggest a multilayer transformation, and an agile simulation can reveal company's culture much faster than other traditional approaches.
Our game could be effective to understand challenges and maturity of your client, and to win business opportunities ahead of the competition.

Key Features

SNAP Agile framework enable business outcome by targeting the agile transformation in all layers of the organization.

Customer Centric

The customer is the central point where the business outcome is validated.

Value Stream Mapping

Helping the enterprise to reduce waste and carry on business operations without disruption.

Focus on business outcome

Driving business growth by defining realistic Objectives and Key Results.

Engineering Friendly

Keep the Delivery level open to all frameworks that your Team already know, like Scrum and XP.

Custom Dashboards

Let's your Team choose the KPIs that work best, and share the results in a centralized dashboard.

Continuous Improvement

Baseline your performance, and continuously improve the culture and the pipeline.

Value Stream Mapping

VSM is a lean manufacturing technique to analyze, design, and manage the flow of materials and information required to bring a product to a customer. It can also be used in software development to reduce waste and improve processes, for example by reducing manual work or multiple handoffs, which in turn may result in defects.
I was eagerly waiting for the latest release of SNAP since the day I heard it is packed up with so many features that I need. I started using SNAP on the very first day of its release. It is simple and exactly the way I expected. I love the focus on continuous improvement and simulations. Thank you everyone.